Carbon Motors Presents Police Command Vehicle With CNG Option

Remember Carbon Motors? The police car company that hoped to bring a purpose-built police cruiser to departments across the country? After their initial design was rejected for low-interest government loans, many of us thought Carbon Motors was on the outs, but it turns out the company has another card up its sleeve, the CNG-powered TX7 Multi-Mission command vehicle.

While the Carbon Motors E7 cop car will probably never see production, the new TX7 could begin production as early as next year. Powered either by a turbocharged V8 diesel engine or compressed natural gas, the TX7 puts efficiency first in its choice of powerplants.

Designed to serve as a rolling command center, the TX7 can withstand chemical and biological attacks, seat up to ten people, and can be configured with all sorts of spy goodies like thermal imaging and infrared scanners. At $150,000 though, the TX7 is far from cheap, and many police departments are hard pressed for funding these days.

It has gotten so bad in some areas that cops won’t even respond to 911 calls because of a lack of funding for fuel. This has led some departments to seek alternatives to gasoline, opting for cheaper and cleaner fuels like CNG or propane. Will departments be drawn to the Carbon Motors TX7 and its alt-fuel capabilities? We’ll soon find out.

Source: Carbon Motors

Christopher DeMorro

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