Video: Spanish Utility Company Hopes To Bring Wireless Fast-Charging To The Masses

Wireless inductive charging has already made an impact in the world of smartphone users, allowing effortless recharging by just placing your phone on a specially-made pad. Wireless charging could be a huge boon for electric vehicles, and a Spanish utility company has made a lot of headway in wireless fast charging that could refill an EV to 80% capacity in just 15 minutes.

Right now the EV charging model of having special charging stations in certain parking spots has a lot of limiting factors. Of particular concern is the fact that anybody walking by can just unplug your car, leaving your EV stranded if you aren’t on point. Also there is the convenience factor of just parking your EV and knowing it will be recharged, without having to plug in. Other companies, including Infiniti, are hoping to bring wireless charging to the mainstream, but Spain may have beat them to the punch.

The project is a collaboration between Spanish utility giant Endesa and Funacion Circe, and the results are thus far pretty promising. The project can reportedly deliver an 80% charge in just 15 minutes, with an up to 30% margin of error when it comes to aligning the vehicle and charging pad transmitters. While the average gas fill-up takes 5 minutes or less, a 15-minute recharge time could make short-range EVs a lot more practical for many drivers.

Wireless charging pads could one day be installed in parking lots the world over, allowing EV the comfort and convenience of getting recharged without any effort. Even petrol-powered cars can’t make such claims, and wireless charging could present a truly unique benefit to electric vehicles.

Source: Autoblog Green

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