Tesla Supercharger Locations On East Coast Announced

Tesla Motors may charge a premium for its product, but Elon Musk’s electric car company is working to set itself apart from the competition in a lot of ways. The Tesla Supercharger network is just one of the many perks of Tesla ownership, and the electric car maker has announced two locations on the East Coast in the crowded Northeast corridor.

The two stations, one located in Milford, Connecticut and the other in Wilmington, Delaware, will allow for super fast charging for Tesla Model S owners driving between Boston and Washington D.C. The Tesla Supercharger can add about 150 miles of travel in around 30 minutes of travel, allowing the Tesla Model S to make the 450 mile trip with only two charging stops of 30 minutes each.

Tesla first announced a Supercharger corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, where it will no doubt see plenty of use. Eventually, the electric car maker hopes to make a cross-country Supercharger system that will allow Tesla owners to drive from coast to coast. Best of all, it will be free to Tesla Model S owners, just another perk of being a well-heeled early adopter.

But will it stay free? I guess that all depends on Tesla’s success as an automaker. There are a lot of people out there eager for a more affordable Tesla to call their own. It’s all a matter of when, not if.

Source: Green Car Reports

Christopher DeMorro

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