Tesla Model S Priced For Europe: And You Thought It Was Expensive Here…

Nobody could ever accuse the Tesla Model S of being a cheap car. Even after factoring in the $7,500 federal tax rebate, the cheapest Model S still rings in at more than $49,000 (and after January 1st, it will cost an additional $2,500). But compared to what it will cost in Europe, the U.S. Tesla Model S is a downright bargain. Tesla has just released their European prices…and let’s just say I’m glad we live in the USA.

Tesla recently established an assembly and distribution center in the Netherlands for selling the Model S in the Old Word. While I don’t doubt that Tesla did everything it could to keep the costs down, the price difference is still fairly staggering. For a 60 kWh Model S, Europeans will have to shell out €72,600, or about $96,000. The 85 kWh models will start at €83,150 ($110,000), while the Model S Performance will set buyers back at least €97,550 ($129,000).

That is approximately a 30% premium over the same model here in the U.S., though Tesla says the profit margin will remain the same. Interestingly enough, Tesla is not importing the cheaper 40 kWh model, though they say they may choose to do so in the future. Suffice to say though, I’m glad Tesla is an American company.

Source: Tesla Motors Blog

Christopher DeMorro

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