Video: Nissan Leaf Owners Go For A Ride In An Electric Race Car

The perception that electric cars are slow and boring isn’t entirely off, at least if you’re talking about the Nissan Leaf. It’s a car built for basic transportation; nothing more, nothing less. But if you take that same electric powertrain, and drop it into a lightweight electric race car, now you’re cooking with electrons. The NISMO RC racer is proof positive that EVs don’t have to be boring, as these Nissan Leaf owners found out.

In an effort to pump up the performance expectations of electric cars, Nissan invited several Leaf owners out to their Oppama test track in Japan to celebrate the Leaf’s 2nd birthday. These Leaf owners rode shotgun with a Nissan test driver, who showed them just what these little EVs are capable of in the right hands.

Nissan has pledged to start an all-electric racing league, though so far details have not been forthcoming. Judging from the reactions though, these Leaf owners were quite impressed with how their EV racing counterparts performed. Having seen a NISMO RC take on Tesla’s much-vaunted Roadster on the track, this is one electric race car worth keeping an eye on.

Believe it or not, the NISMO RC racing EV uses the same 80-kilowatt electric motor and 24 kWh battery pack found in the stock Nissan Leaf. However, the NISMO RC is lower, wider, and weighs 40% less, allowing for much more spirited acceleration. While I doubt we’ll see the NISMO RC in the upcoming Formula E series, I am still holding out hope for a Nissan-specific racing series. What I wouldn’t give to get behind the wheel of one of these electric race cars…

Source: Nissan via Green Car Reports

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