Propel Fuels Planning Massive Expansion

While many major oil companies are trying to grow their green credentials, few actually offer an alternative to the oil-based petroleum. But Propel Fuels is looking to change that, offering drivers in California and the Pacific Northwest their choice of E85 ethanol or biodiesel. And soon, more people will have access to these sustainable fuels, as Propel has announced a massive expansion to new and existing markets.

Propel Fuels has just closed its Series D round of funding, securing $11 million in addition to $10 million in debt financing. This will allow Propel to expand across the West Coast, adding more than 200 green gas stations to its portfolio.

Propel isn’t just a one-trick pony either. Their fueling stations will serve as a hub for doling out E85 ethanol and different blends of biodiesel (often at comparable prices to standard diesel), but the Propel stations will also work with buyers to provide more “green” services.

Among the goals for Propel is to provide bicycle tuning, improve fuel economy for customers, find rideshare opportunities and more. Is this the fueling station of the future? This writer certainly thinks so…and I can’t wait for them to open a few stations on the East Coast.

Source: Hybrid Cars


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