First Chevy Volt Owner Averages 459 MPG

The Chevy Volt has received more than its fair share of criticism, but as sales continue to climb, more success stories from Volt owners seem to be coming out. Retired pilot Jeffrey Kaffee, the first person to buy a Chevy Volt outside of auction, has reportedly used just 26 gallons of gasoline in two years of owning his Volt. With more than 12,000 miles on the odometer, that works out to an average of 459 mpg.

While this pales in comparison to Jay Leno, who used just half a tank of gas to go the same distance, getting an average of 2,365 mpg, Kaffee’s accomplishment is further proof that the Volt can be as efficient as you want it to be. True, 12,000 miles in 2 years is about half the national average when it comes to annual driving, but Kaffee also had a Toyota Camry Hybrid and free flights (one of the perks of being a retired pilot) to compensate for longer trips. Kaffee also isn’t much of an outlier; the average Volt owner spends just $300 to drive 10,000 miles.

Kaffee’s frugal fuel use works out to an average of just over a gallon of gasoline used per month. Even with gas prices falling, I think we can all agree that using so little fuel isn’t just better for the planet; it is better for the wallet. As history marches forward, I think the Chevy Volt will be looked upon as a true game changer in the world of automobiles.

Haters gonna hate, but how can you hate a car that uses so little fuel to get you so far?

Source: GM

Christopher DeMorro

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