Volt-Based Cadillac ELR Teased Ahead Of Detroit Reveal

The on-again off-again saga of the Cadillac ELR has made for some entertaining speculation the past few years. But finally, we are nearing the reveal of an actual production version of the luxury Chevy Volt that will give Cadillac its first-ever plug-in hybrid. From what little I’ve seen, so far, so good.

The above teaser image doesn’t give away too much, though it is obvious that the Cadillac ELR will most certainly be a couple. Based on the Chevy Volt, it should have a similar powertrain setup as well, with electric motors powered by a battery that is recharged by a gas generator.

Details remain…non-existent. However, it seems fairly certain that the Cadillac ELR will probably share the same range, fuel economy, and interior space of the Chevy Volt, though the two-door setup suggests a sportier car than the Volt.

The official reveal is set for the Detroit Auto Show, and I for one can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.

Source: GM

Christopher DeMorro

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