Smart EVs Used For Italian Soccer Video Game

There is something inherently geeky about electric cars, and as a geek, I can’t help but appreciate the similarities between EVs and video games. Apparently I’m not the only one. At the recent Bologna Auto Show, two Smart ForTwo Electric Drive EVs were linked to a soccer simulator. Simple, but effective, and perhaps in the future an even more viable marketing tool.

The game setup is simple; players hop into one of the two Smart ForTwo Electric Drive vehicles, and go either forward or reverse in order to hit a virtual soccer ball. The game looks a bit like pong, though I couldn’t find any video to associate it with.

But that brings me to another point; geeks rule the world, and EVs like the Smart ForTwo ED need to try and appeal to geeks of both genders with cooler marketing techniques. I’m not talking about “XTREME STUNTS YO”, but instead linking video games and EVs in clever new ways. This Smart soccer setup is pretty simple, but you know what would have been even cooler?

Imagine this; you set up four video game stations inside a car like the Smart EV, and give yourself a whole soccer team. You compete with another car, and every time you score a goal the Smart does a fast little victory lap, showcasing just how car like this EV feels. Sure, it’d be a lot more complicated…but a lot more fun too.

What are some other creatively geek ways video games and nerd culture could promote electric cars?

Source: Plugin Cars

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