Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar Cancelled

From its sleek design to its cutting-edge drivetrain, the Jaguar C-X75 supercar showed so much promise and potential as a concept. Then Jaguar went ahead and announced that they were going to build the damn thing, and green car geeks the world over rejoiced. But it seems the top brass has changed their mind, as the Jaguar C-X75 hybrid has been cancelled.

The reasoning for killing this multi-million dollar driving machine as obvious and sound. With Europe’s economy still contracting, Jaguar’s Adrian Hallmark told AutoCar that “…it seems the wrong time to launch an £800,000 to £1 million supercar.” While America has seen car sales rebound after our own recession, Europe’s new car market is just plain awful.

So rather than introduce an incredibly expensive supercar with very limited appeal, Jaguar is doing the sensible thing and axing the project. So no, there won’t be any 800 horsepower hybrids with 60 miles of electric range in Jag’s portfolio anytime soon. Don’t expect the concept versions turbine-powered electric drive system to make a reappearance either.

However, some of the new technologies, including a very powerful 1.6 liter turbocharged engine, could be used in future Jaguar vehicles. Five working prototypes will be completed, and three of these will be sold to the public (Jag reports about 100 “expressions of interest” in the C-X75). The remaining two will be kept by Jaguar for historical and demonstration purposes.

Even though this is probably the right move, I can’t help but be a little sad that this innovative hybrid will never really see the road. The Jaguar C-X75 was one of the most genuinely interesting cars built in the last few years.

Source: AutoCar

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