Tesla Model S With 60 kWh Battery Rated At 208 Miles

Tesla Motor’s novel approach to selling its all-electric Model S with different battery sizes has made it far and away the most successful electric car maker on the market. Up until now, only the most expensive Tesla Model S with the 85 kWh battery has been officially rated by the EPA, but Tesla has just released the ratings for its Model S with the 60 kWh battery pack. With over 200 miles of range per charge, can the middle child steal sales from the elder?

Tesla pledged to build the first Tesla Model S units with the 85 kWh battery in order to satisfy their most financially committed customers, hence why the top-end Tesla was rated by the EPA first. With production of the Model S now nearing 400 units per week, Tesla is perhaps getting ready to shift production to the lesser models. The Tesla Model S comes with three battery sizes; 40 kWh, 60 kWh, and 85 kWh.

The EPA rated the 85 kWh model for 265 miles per charge, and a 89 MPGe rating. The 60 kWh model offers 208 miles of range, and a 95 MPGe rating. The 40 kWh model will reportedly offer around 140 miles of range per charge, though it has not been rated yet. Only the 60 and 85 kWh models will be able to use Tesla’s vaunted Supercharger network.

The 208 mile rating makes for an interesting conundrum for any would-be Model S buyers. With a $10,000 difference between the 60 and 85 kWh models, one has to wonder if the extra 57 miles is worth it. The jump from 40 to 60 kWh definitely seems more cost effective, netting the buyer nearly 70 more miles of range for that extra $10,000. That extra 5 kWh, plus a little less extra weight, will most likely make the middle child the most efficient of the Model S variants.

If it were up to you, which version of the Model S would you opt for? Cost effectiveness, or lost distance driving ability?

Source: Green Car Reports

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