Rinspeed “MicroMax” EV Is Small But Tall

Electric vehicles allow car designers a lot more freedom when it comes to far-out concepts. Switzerland’s Rinspeed is no stranger to weird and wacky car designs, and their latest concept is the most bizzare yet. The Rinspeed “MicroMax” EV will debut at the Geneva Auto Show in 2013, and its unique design will make the most use of the limited on-board space.

Because EVs don’t require exhaust systems or transmission tunnels, designers can come up with unique concepts like Rinspeed’s MicroMax, which has a flat floor and rear-facing stand-up seats. Yup, there won’t be any sitting in this car; the “seats” let you take some, but not all of the weight off of your feet.

For its stated purpose as a short-distance airport shuttle or taxi though, the Rinspeed MicroMax could be a perfect solution. At the length of a Mini Cooper, but standing seven feet tall, the MicroMax will be small and easy to maneuver while still providing enough room for three full-sized adult passengers, a baby, and a driver. There are even plans to add a coffee maker or fridge for on-board refreshments.

Rinspeed has come up with some interesting concepts before, among them a Smart ForTwo ED with a range-extending battery “backpack” and a golfcart made from bamboo. But the practical applications of this flat-floored EV seem wider than either of those. Might Rinspeed find success with this box-shaped electric taxi?

Source: Autoblog

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