Ford Confirms New 5-Cylinder Diesel For North America


While European automakers like Volkswagen have not been shy about importing diesel engines from Europe, Ford has been coy, even going so far as to say diesels don’t “make sense” for America. But the Blue Oval seems to have changed its mind with the announcement that the Ford Transit van will be available with a 3.2 liter 5-cylinder diesel engine right here in North America.

The press release doesn’t specifically say the U.S., though the engine will be installed in Ford’s Claycomo, Missouri assembly plant, which received a $1.1 billion investment to build the new Transit van. The Transit van will also be one of the only vans on the market available with a turbocharged engine in the form of an EcoBoost motor.

The 3.2 liter DuraTorq engine option is good news for Ford fans, who were limited to diesel offerings in Ford’s big Super Duty pickups. Rated at 197 horsepower and 347 ft-lbs of torque, in the global Ford Ranger platform this engine has enough power to tow a locomotive…literally.

Alas, Ford still doesn’t seem to have any plans on bringing the Ranger to America. Yet a fuel-efficient five-cylinder diesel engine is a great first step to re-introducing America to the potential of clean diesel. The engine is also expected to be B20 biodiesel compatible,and in the Ranger can deliver an average of 28 mpg, though some drivers have reported 35 mpg or more during testing.

Diesel is making a comeback in America…and even Ford is getting on board.

Source: Ford

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  • Tim Cleland

    “Rated at 197 horsepower and 347 ft-lbs of torque”

    Those are some nice numbers for a 3.2L diesel. There’s no reason that couldn’t be put in a half-ton truck. That’s more power and torque than most truck V8s had until the late 90’s.

    • Jason Carpp

      I agree. Let’s just hope that the engine makes it here to North America. I can see that used in the F150 pickup truck. Ford already has the F250 and the F350 available with a 6.5+ litre diesel engine. Why not offer a smaller diesel engine for lighter duty trucks like the F150, etc.

  • Mike Golab

    I’m looking to upgrade my current 2007 F-150 utility cab, 5.4 Triton engine, which I use to tow our 5th wheel recreational trailer with the twin turbo V6 but this 5 cyl, diesel would be even better for my towing needs. Hopefully Ford offers this engine very soon.

  • Silly Ford. Chrysler is putting a 6 cylinder diesel into the Grand Cherokee. Can a diesel Dakota be far behind? Word from a smart associate has GM putting diesels in the Chebby Colorado and GMC Canyon or whatever it is next year. Ford is about to be left in the dirt with nothing but fuel sucking gas engines in big, stupid F-series behemoths. Too bad Suzuki is gone. They might have fit a VW based TDI engine in the Nissan Frontier derived Equator. Somebody is going to figure out a small diesel in a small truck. And they will own a huge share of the owner driven, commuter/recreational/commercial market.

    • Jason Carpp

      Unless Dodge decides to discontinue the Dakota, I’m hoping so. Why should the Dodge 2500 and 3500 be the only trucks to be had with diesel engine?

    • Christopher DeMorro

      @ Bill Leavens

      From what I understand, the Dakota is dead, and it isn’t coming back any time soon. The market for small trucks is too small.

      HOWEVER…there has been talk of a Jeep pickup. We’ll see how that pans out.

      Elsewise you and I will have to wait for the next-gen Chevy Colorado, which is rumored to be coming to the U.S. with a diesel setup.

      • Jason Carpp

        So I heard. It’s too bad. It seems like every truck manufacturer is discontinuing production of small trucks. It seems as though Toyota (God bless them) still produces the Tacoma and the 4Runner along side the Tundra and Sequoia, and the Land Cruiser, unless Toyota has discontinued the Land Cruiser as well. Why do companies do things like that?

  • Ford could get on board and sell the Global Ranger with a diesel in it here in the USA…where they are from and where the diesel is made. Maybe as an F100? Since they’ve harpooned the Ranger line here.

    • Jason Carpp

      The problem is that Ford chooses not to offer a light duty truck with a diesel engine. They discontinued the Ranger line of trucks, with no apparent intentions of bringing the name back or offering a replacement. If that isn’t bullshit, I don’t know what is.

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