A Very Cool EV Concept For…CODA?

While automakers seem split over the concept of making electric vehicles blend in with the crowd, or stand out, one automaker has gone full-on bland for its EV. That company is CODA, which builds a boring electric sedan that does nothing to inspire anyone. Yet the above concept was penned with CODA in mind. Why didn’t they just build that?

The concept comes from Hyoon Jason Kim, the same designer who penned a subcompact Tesla concept. I found this CODA concept in Kim’s portfolio, and thought it was an interesting look at CODA. Imagine if instead of the boring-but-practical design CODA sells, they had opted for something a little more expensive but infinitely cooler looking, sort of what Tesla did.

Long, low, and sleek, this futuristic sedan concept looks like it could stand toe to toe with the Tesla Model S, and just about anything else. I am in the “make it different” camp when it comes to electric cars. Their unique properties allow for designers to take different liberties, like the lack of transmission tunnels or engine exhausts allowing for a completely flat floor. Oh what would have been, CODA.

You tell me; would you rather drive an EV that blends in with the crowd, or stands out?

Source: Hyoon Jason Kim

Christopher DeMorro

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