Video: Aeroscraft's Vision Of 21st Century Airships Comes Into Focus

Once the stuff of history, science-fiction, and steampunk, airships have been largely been relegated to promotional uses such as the goodyear blimp. But Aeroscraft envisions a new-age transportation device that uses two-thirds less fuel than traditional air freight, and can deliver goods directly to the buyer, bypassing ground transport entirely.

The idea is novel, yet genius, and the FAA has apparently already certified these airships for use. By picking up and delivering products to and from customers, Aero Crafts can cut out the cost of ground transportation entirely. Those cost savings can be passed on to customers, as can the dramatically lower fuel costs.

Of course the sorts of payloads we’re talking about are more of an industrial scale; don’t expect Aeroscraft’s rigid airship to deliver your next Amazon purchase to your doorstep. The first airships will be rated for up to 66 tons, though 200 ton and 500 ton models are already in the works.

I for one welcome our new airship overlords, and their potential for reducing road traffic, especially those highway-hogging wide loads I’m always seeing. Could airships make a comeback as an alternative transportation method?

Source: Aeroscraft via Treehugger

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