Video: Lapping The Roman Coliseum In An Electric Formula E Racer

I love racing, and few motorsports have me as excited as the impending Formula E electric racing series. Billed as the Formula One of the EV world, this new series is already making big waves in both the racing and EV world. The latest bit of news comes out of Rome, which has just signed on as the first European host of the Formula E series. To celebrate, a test driver took an electric race car around the Coliseum. Not something you see every day.

Rome, which already hosts a Formula One race, even had Pirelli test driver Luca de Grassi do a show-lap around the famed Roman Coliseum to build up anticipation. Rome is the second city to sign on and host the Formula E series, following Rio de Janeiro, which announced interest in hosting the series as soon as it was announced. It’s pretty cool watching this little electric race car driving with traffic through Rome’s crowded seats, and I especially like the little power slide at the end…but could someone get these guys an HD video camera?

There are plenty of other cities on the shortlist as well; Lord Drayson of the U.K. has suggested using the former Olympic park in London as venue for the Formula E series, and there is talk of taking the series to New York, Hong Kong, and other major hub cities as well.

More importantly though, the Formula E series has drawn the interest of some major racing outfits, including McLaren, Bluebird, and Drayson’s own racing team. This should provide a wide variety of EV racers that will push the limits of available technology, while developing new solutions that could one day trickle down to the average commuter car.

Whether you’re a fan of electric cars or motorsports, the Formula E is the series to watch…and it could be coming to a city near you in 2014.

Source: TheGreenCarWebsite

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