Lamborghini Pledges Carbon-Neutral Production By 2015

The push for greener cars and more efficient production methods isn’t just coming from the usual suspects of treehuggers and academia. Lamborghini recently signed a pledge to reduce the emissions of its cars by 35%, as well as making its production facility carbon neutral by 2015. Lamborghini, the new leader of “green” cars?

Granted, Lamborghini’s exotic supercars still consume gasoline like its going out of style, but that just means there is a lot of room for improvement. Ferrari managed to reduce the emissions of its own supercars more than any other European automaker last year, and they’re currently developing their own super-hybrid as an Ferrari Enzo successor. For awhile there though, the only “green” thing about European supercars were found in the color options.

This year Lamborghini became the first automaker to sign Italy’s Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection, promising to try and reduce the emissions of its cars by 35%. Cleaner-burning engines and lighter vehicles, as well as the use of hybrid systems will help Lamborghini in their efforts. More importantly though, Lamborghini will try to make its production facilities carbon neutral, which benefits not just the environment but Lambo’s bottom line.

Lamborghini is already well on its way, having built Italy’s first multi-story building with Class A energy certification for prototype development. Can one of Europe’s most prestigious purveyors of pollution become the shining standard for carbon neutral manufacturing? Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

Source: Motor Authority

Christopher DeMorro

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