NoOpe! Do Not Want: Single-seat Electric Helicopter (w/ video)

Electric Helicopter

There are lots of things that might seem dangerous to people, that just aren’t. Riding a bike through city traffic, for example, can be perfectly safe if you’re not an idiot and you obey the traffic laws and wear a helmet. Motorcycles and scooters are the same way – I’ve never heard of anyone dying on a motorcycle in high-visibility clothing with a full face helmet and proper body armor. It doesn’t happen. Shark diving? Even that might seem safe to someone. This single-seat electric helicopter?

No. Thank. You.

Hirobo’s electric helicopter is based on those small RC helicopters that you give to boys and boys-at-heart at Christmas when you don’t really know enough about them to know what they actually need or want, but assume that they’ll like it (they will). There’s a ton of serious, big brain engineering behind the plug-in chopper, but none of it seems like a good idea.

Look for Jackass 4: Hirobo Electric Helicopter vs. the Giant Bug Zapper in video stores soon. Do they still have video stores?

Source: TechVehi.

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