The Toyota Prius Proves Unpopular…With Car Thieves

Here in America, a car is stolen somewhere in the country every 33 seconds. While anti-theft devices have grown ever more complicated, the tools used by thieves have not. Anybody can be the victim of a random automotive theft, but drivers of the Toyota Prius apparently have less to fear; the Prius is one of the least popular cars among car thieves.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, on average 1 out of every 78 cars for any particular model are stolen on an annual basis. But just 1 out of every 606 Toyota Prius hybrids are stolen. Meanwhile perrnial thief favorites like the Cadillac Escalade and Honda Civic continue to top the list as the most popular targets. In California, where the Prius is the best-selling vehicle, Prius thefts are more common. But everywhere else? You’re pretty dang safe.

This is one of the few popularity contests where being the winner really means being the loser. So why might thieves not be too interested in plucking a Prius off of the streets? For one, there isn’t a large black market for parts; most Prius owners are the well-off, service-only-at-dealership types.

More pratically thinking though, the Prius is both slow and highly visible, two no-nos for anyone considering the GTA lifestyle. You aren’t outrunning anything in a Prius. For those two reasons, the Prius also has a very high recovery rate of nearly 97%. To me this says that most Prius thefts were more for fun than profit.

Just another reason why driving a Toyota Prius might not be a bad idea…especially if you live in a high crime area.

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau

Christopher DeMorro

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