Matra to Build Electric Delivery Bike

matra electric utility trike

Matra’s innovative, battery-swapping line of pedal-electric bicycles continues to expand throughout Europe. If this latest prototype is any indication, the next phase of Matra’s expansion will see the company enter the commercial delivery market.

Matra sold over 5000 electric bikes last year, but hopes to expand its business with “pure” (read: non-pedal) scooters that include electric delivery bikes like the trike shown, above, which combines readily-available scooter parts (like tires, brakes, and suspension) with the kind of huge cargo capacities that should make the vehicle a natural fit for local produce and meat markets, pizzarias, and more. The full roof and “safety cell” should help offset some liability concerns that fleets may have, and allow for all-weather operation.

I’m not sure it’s got the appeal of the electric Tuk-tuk I reviewed earlier this year, but it’s definitely a lot cleaner than the current crop of 2-stroke delivery scooters running around Europe! Expect more details and pricing at the next EICMA show.

Source: Matra, via TechVehi.

Jo Borrás

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