Formula E Series Orders 42 EV Racers, Signs McLaren To Design Drivetrains

The world of electric racing is about to get a serious jolt come 2014. That is international motorsports overseer the FIA throws its weight behind the Formula E series. In a move that signals the seriousness of this electric racing series, the Formula E series has ordered a 42 all-electric racers from Spark Racing Technology, while signing on a McLaren subsidiary to design the electric drivetrain.

The 42 cars will be divided between the ten competing teams, with 4 cars for each team, plus one as a pace car and one for crash testing. These cars will be fast, with 0 to 60 mph taking less than 3 seconds, and top speeds in the 155 mph range. Due to the limited energy density of available batteries though, racers will have to change cars at least once during the hour-long races.

So far both Sao Paulo and London have been cited as potential city circuits in a planned 10-race debut season. While Formula E is signing on McLaren Electronic Systems to design and construct the electric powertrains, the series is open to entrants who come up with their own designs.

This has racing outfits like Bluebird and Drayson hard at work to put together their own electric formula race cars. I know I can’t wait to see what some of the greatest racing engineers in the world can come up with. The future of motorsports arrives in 2014.

Source: Autoblog Green

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