Fiat 500 EV Debuts, Details Still Lacking

Fiat has been bullish on re-entering the American car market, and sales of the compact Fiat 500 have been steadily gaining steam. Next up is an electric version of the Fiat 500, set to debut at the L.A. Auto Show next week as the officially-named Fiat 500e.

The Fiat 500e visually looks the same as the petrol-powered version, albeit without a tailpipe and boasting a few aerodynamic enhancements that give the cute compact a smoother look. Pricing, battery size, and performance numbers are all still up in the air.

However, I can guess that we’re going to be looking at a car with between 70 and 80 miles of range with a price in the $35,000 range. Par for course basically. If that ends up being the case, sales of the Fiat 500e will probably be unimpressive, like the rest of the EV market.

If, however, Chrysler pursues a bolder path, say offering more range for a higher price…or less range for a lower price, that shake things up a bit. Daimler-owned Smart is going for the low-price EV market, but that demographic remains ripe for the picking. Then again, Fiat has said that they will build EVs only sparingly, so I won’t get my hopes too high. What kind of performance are you hoping for from the electric Fiat 500e?

Source: Fiat

Christopher DeMorro

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