Using Solar Power, Lightning Motorcycles Sets Another Speed Record

The entrepreneurs of the new electric vehicle movement are hell bent on showing the world that the technology is here, it’s real, and it works. At the forefront of electric motorcycle motorsports is Lightning Motorcycles, who recently set a new land speed record for production motorcycles at El Mirage…and they did it using the power of the sun.

Lightning Motorcycles has set several records, the most impressive being a 215.96 mph run at the five-mile Bonneville Salt Flats course back in 2011. But there are other challenges out there, including the much-shorter 1.3 mile course at El Mirage.

Lightning went out to El Mirage with solar technology sponsor SMA to set a new record…and they did it. With Jim Hoogerhyde at the helm, the production Lightning Motorcycle went 189 mph at El Mirage, setting a new course speed record for any production motorcycle…gas OR electric. Save for the aerodynamic body cladding, this is the same motorcycle that Lightning will begin building and selling (at great cost) in just a couple of months.

Just as cool is the fact that the power for all three runs came from the sun, courtesy or SMA’s solar charging unit. That is 100% sustainable, zero-emissions power people…and it is going faster than most of us can even imagine.

Source: Lightning Motorcycles via Autoblog Green | Image: Art Haynie

Christopher DeMorro

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