Toyota Supra Successor May Be An EV, Have Tesla Roots

For more than a decade, Toyota did not have a single legitimate sports car in its lineup after the Supra was discontinued. Since the late 1990s, journalists have speculated about the return of a Supra, and now that talk is starting to bubble to the surface again. And this time the talk includes an all-electric Toyota Supra that could have Tesla roots.

Toyota and Tesla already have a close working relationship. Tesla helped to developed the Toyota RAV4 EV and taking a stake in the NUMMI plant which Toyota once shared with GM. With a successor to the Tesla Roadster (supposedly called the Model R) in the works, perhaps the Tesla/Toyota relationship will extend beyond compliance SUVs.

Toyota has finally started getting back into the sports car game with the recently released GT86 (also known as the Scion FR-S), and an all-electric Supra seems like a natural next step. The Supra was never a cheap car, and Toyota could market it as a premium electric sports car with high profit margins. Besides, Tesla is supposedly working on its own electric supercar…maybe there is something to these rumors.

I don’t want to get my hopes too high, but there is certainly a surge in interest when it comes to high-end electric sports cars. For the low-end there is always a hybrid version of the Scion FR-S apparently in the works. Is an all-electric Toyota Supra powered by Tesla on its way to market? Anybody here ready to get their wallet out and plunk down a deposit?

Source: The Detroit Bureau

Christopher DeMorro

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