GM Reveals Product Chevy Spark EV Ahead Of L.A. Auto Show

One of General Motor’s executives recently laid out the automaker’s plans for achieving 500,000 electrified vehicle sales annually by 2017. Pure electric cars will make up a big part of those plans, and leading GM’s EV charge is the Chevrolet Spark EV. Though the Spark EV will make its official debut at the L.A. Auto Show, GM has slipped a few pictures out to an eagerly-awaiting public, as well as some key information.

GM has kept mum on the Chevy Spark EV, but make GM insists it isn’t merely a compliance car designed to meet California emissions standards. Perhaps that is why GM gave the Spark EV a 134 horsepower permanent magnet motor that can deliver up to 400 ft-lbs of instantaneous torque. Bet you weren’t expecting that!

The torque of course tapers off, but that still leaves the Spark EV with a 0-60 mph time of around 8 seconds. For comparison, the Nissan Leaf takes about 10 seconds to reach 60 mph, and the Toyota Prius takes 11 seconds. So while not fast, the Chevy Spark packs some oomph.

Alas, GM has not revealed details like the size of the Spark EV’s battery (which is supposed to be delivered by now-bankrupt A123 systems), though it will get the same 8-year/100,000 mile warranty as the Chevy Volt. But GM did say that with the new Level 3 Combo plug, the Chevy Spark can receive an 80% charge in just 20 minutes.

But will the Chevy Spark EV be affordable, and more importantly, will customers buy it?

Source: Carscoop

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