London’s Olympic Park Could Host Formula E Electric Racing Series

In London, which hosted the games this past summer, plans for the former Olympic park already include the 2015 World Athletic Championship, as well as hosting some local soccer clubs. One EV advocate thinks the London Olympic Park would make a great setting for the upcoming Formula E electric racing series.

Billed as an emissions-free alternative to Formula One, the Formula E series hopes to get under way in 2014, with races taking place around the world. Sao Paulo has already signed on to host this electric motorsport, and New York, Miami, and Paris are also on the shortlist as well.

Former UK science minister and huge EV advocate Lord Drayson, who fields an all-electric race car team as well, has suggested the former Olympic park would make a great setting for the Formula E series. Formula E could also mean big things for electric vehicles designed for more common purposes.

Many technologies we now take for granted in modern cars were developed in motorsports. The amount of money invested into a single Formula One team can amount to $500 million a year or more. While Formula E isn’t likely to see that kind of investment at first, if the series catches on, it could spur advancement of electric vehicles forward by leaps and bounds.

Many international racing teams have already signaled their interest in Formula E, and the series is shaping up to be fun, competitive, and technologically magnificent. Getting to watch the race from a former Olympic stadium would just be the cherry on top.

Source: Business Green

Christopher DeMorro

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