Hybrid, CNG Tech Coming for Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Hybrid

Fiat’s hot-selling Fiat 500 premium city car will soon be adding both CNG and hybrid-electric models, if this (eerily silent) video from TechVehi is to be believed.

The video is allegedly an internal product-training video from Chrysler-Fiat, and shows off a number of the company’s “Multi-Air” engine innovations present and future. Fiat is Europe’s #1 seller of CNG vehicles, and they are obviously hoping to bring these clean-burning models over to the U.S.

From an integrated exhaust manifold to a super-efficient turbocharger and “big bang” firing order for maximizing low-end torque (just like in MotoGP), the video goes a long way towards making a case for bringing the little 900 cc engine stateside in cars like the Fiat 500C and the new Dodge Dart – not to mention the next-generation of Lancias that I pray will make their way to the US.

Chrysler-Fiat will join Honda in offering a CNG option for its Fiat 500s and other road cars if the tech in this teaser video leads to a production model. Chrysler, of course, already offers a CNG truck option to compete with GM’s bi-fuel trucks.

You can check out the video, in full, below. Enjoy!

Source: Chrysler Fiat, via TechVehi.

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