Scion FR-S is Going Hybrid

Scion FR-S Toyota GT 86 Hybrid

It’s no secret that Toyota and Subaru are planning more powerful versions of the BRZ/FR-S twins (sold abroad as the GT86), but while Subaru is reportedly pursuing a turbocharger in its quest for more power, it seems that Toyota is looking to Formula 1 for an electric power solution. The UK’s TopGear is reporting that Toyota already has a KERS-powered version of their GT86 (Scion FR-S) sportscar up and running!

Tetsuya Tada, the GT86’s cheif engineer reported that Toyota is looking for “a surprise, and something unique” to expand the line, and hinted that we could expect to see something as early 2013.

Like the KERS system used in Formula 1 and on Porsche’s GT3 racing cars, Toyota’s KERS system is not built for fuel economy, but for performance. As a surprise, a sporty hybrid would certainly fit the bill – and further cement Toyota as the world’s “hybrid authority”.

With this news following hot on the heels of news that an electric GT86 has been caught lapping Japan’s Suzuka circuit, it seems there is already some pent-up demand for an alternative-fueled sporty Toyota after all. Here’s hoping Tada-san gets the green light to make the KERS FR-S a reality.

Source: TopGear, via GTSpirit.

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