Video: Electric Toyota GT 86 Laps The Suzuka Circuit

Toyota finally decided to return to the sports car game with the launch of the Toyota GT36, known in America as the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ. A Japanese tuning firm replaced the petrol drivetrain with an electric motor and battery. With performance on par with its petrol powered counterpart, could this electric Toyota sports car inspire the automaker to boldly go where other automakers dare not go?

In standard configuration, the Toyota GT 86 has a 200 horsepower, 2.0 liter four-cylinder boxer engine co-developed with Subaru. Japanese electric conversion specialists TGMY, based out of Osaka, Japan, yanked that engine out and replaced it with an electric motor and battery pack. While the electric motor generates just 100 horsepower, it also comes with 177 ft-lbs of torque, compared to 151 ft-lbs of torque from the standard GT 86 engine.

The result is a speedy electric car that, when taken to the Suzuka Circuit, performed admirably. It lapped the Suzuka Circuit in 2 minutes and 57 seconds, about 7 seconds slower than the Honda NSX. That’s impressively fast for a car that weighs about 400 pounds more than a stock GT 86.

TGMY claims that the 37 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack gives their electric GT 86 an estimated range of 155 miles, with a top speed of 124 mph. Very respectable numbers all around.

If you’re looking for a pure electric sports car, and don’t have $100,000 to spend on a Tesla Roadster, TGMY’s electric GT 86 conversion could be a great alternative. Pricing isn’t mentioned, but with a starting cost around $25,000, the Toyota GT 86 has an advantage when it comes to affordability. Makes me wonder why Toyota hasn’t considered a similar vehicle? Most likely cost, though Tesla has show there’s a market for pure electric sports cars.

Are there any other sports cars you think could use an all-electric drivetrain?

Source: Green Car Reports

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