Opel Adam EV Cancelled, High Costs Cited As Factor

Around the world, automakers that were once bullish on electric vehicles, investing billions into new battery and motor technology. But a harsh reality of low EV sales mixed with an uncertain economic outlook, especially in Europe, has settled over the industry. So it isn’t the least bit surprising to hear that the Opel Adam EV has been cancelled…mostly due due to high costs.

The Opel Adam was introduced just a couple of months ago at the Paris Auto Show, and it is still slated to go into production using one of three different petrol engines. The Opel Adam is being positioned as a MINI Cooper and Fiat 500 fighter, and will be highly customizable as to target the ever-popular youth market.

An EV version was also in the works, and would have shared an electric drivetrain with the upcoming Chevy Spark EV, which will hit limited U.S. dealerships sometime in 2013. While there are still questions about the Spark EV, that project seems to be going forward. The Opel Adam EV, however, has been cancelled due to high costs.

Dieter Metz, chief engineer for the Adam, called it a “business decision” in an interview with Automotive News Europe. He went on to say “We could not charge the customer the price needed to make it work on the cost side.” In other words, nobody was going to pay what they would have had to charge. It is also no secret that Opel is hermoragging money, and anymore investment in a low-volume EV just isn’t worth it.

It’s just the latest in a round of disappointing news for EV advocates. Toyota recently yanked the plug on mass deployment of the Scion iQ EV, limiting the rollout to a fleet of around 90. Nissan’s COO came out and said they were “disappointed and frustrated” by the lack of EV sales. There was also a recent study that indicates that interest in EVs is waning, with cost and range as the most commonly cited factors.

Are we witnessing the slow death of the mass market EV already? What happened to all those low-cost batteries we were promised? Things aren’t looking good for the pure electric cars…

Source: Automotive News Europe

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