New Tesla Roadster To Be Called “Model R”

When Tesla Motors got its start, it offered for sale just a single vehicle; the Lotus Elise-based Tesla Roadster. The Roadster model, and name, has been retired, though CEO Elon Musk has already suggested that it will return. And when the two-seat electric sports car makes a comeback, it will be called the Tesla Model R.

The report from AutoExpress doesn’t cite any sources, but it isn’t hard to imagine that Tesla is going to stick with this whole “Model” designation for its vehicles. The Model R is said to be coming sometime in 2017, and it will ditch the Elise chassis for the electric “skateboard” architecture that underpins the Tesla Model S.

The original Tesla Roadster offered over 200 miles of range and a 0-60 mph time of under four seconds, and the Model R will supposedly be even faster. Could this be the all-electric supercar Elon Musk hinted at earlier in the year?

Moving on to pure speculation now, Tesla will probably offer different versions of the Model R based on performance and range, in the hopes of bringing the price down. But before Tesla gets to the Model R, they still have to launch the Model X SUV, as well as a BMW 3-series fighter and a compact crossover. Eventually they’ll get around to offering an affordable compact city EV too, one hopes.

Seems like Tesla has a lot on its plate in the next few years…and that’s a good thing. The more vehicles they have to offer, the wider the consumer base becomes. Yet I can’t help but feel like maybe Tesla is spreading itself too thin, too fast. Where do you think Tesla’s priorities should be?

Source: AutoExpress

Christopher DeMorro

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