After Hurricane Sandy, Bicycles Prove Invaluable To Locals

Last week Hurricane Sandy ravaged areas of the East Coast, especially New Jersey and New York, leaving roads closed, public transportation swamped, and over 15,000 cars destroyed. This left people with a serious transportation problem…at least those who didn’t invest in a bicycle. As many people sat in gridlock or waited hours in line for the bus, those who rode bicycles on the regular managed to avoid the worst of it.

New York City has made great strides in supporting bicycling as an alternative to public transportation or owning a car. This infrastructure investment paid off for thousands of New Yorks who rode around the long lines and traffic jams that marred New York in the days following Sandy.

While many people drove hours out of state and sat in line just to find gas for their cars, the bikers had no such problems. It really shows how important the bicycle has become to the transportation woes of the 21st century.

It also makes me think that a bicycle may become an integral part of survival in the 21st century. With yet another wicked storm pounding the Northeast last night, extreme weather is starting to feel like a regular occurrence in this part of the country. Hopefully, President Obama will find the time to make a big push for bikes in his second term.

Source: Treehugger

Christopher DeMorro

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