Can A 1,000 MPH Rocket Car Be “Carbon Neutral”?

How do you define a green car? Is it a vehicle with no tailpipe emissions, or a vehicle with the lowest overall emissions including manufacture and delivery? How about a rocket car aiming to break the 1,000 mph on the ground that buys carbon offset credits from a green energy company? Is that still “green”?

The crew of the Bloodhound SSC, led by land speed record holder Richard Noble, would like you to think so. The team aims to be the first to take a land vehicle past the 1,000 mph threshold via a “hybrid” vehicle utilizing a 12-cylinder racing engine pumping power to an EJ200 jet engine and a High Test Peroxide hybrid rocket engine. All in all, if successful, the Bloodhound SSC will take pilot Andy Green approximately 12 miles in under two minutes…while spewing all sorts of harmful emissions.

It brings up a very heady question…do carbon credits offset vehicles like this? Bloodhound SSC is being sponsored by Carbon Neutral Investments, a company that provides offsets through a variety of clean energy projects via other partners include wind and hydro power.

Personally, I am conflicted. On one hand, I feel like mankind needs to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible…and breaking that 1,000 mph ceiling for land vehicles is quite the accomplishment. Watching Felix Baumgartner make a record-setting jump from the edge of space was nothing short of amazing, and the Bloodhound SSC could be equally empowering for a new generation of would-be scientists and engineers.

On the other hand, such records could also be seen as a testament to the ego of a single person of corporate entity, and the environment ultimately pays the price.

What are your feelings on carbon neutrality and record-setting rocket cars?

Source: Motor Authority

Christopher DeMorro

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