Meet the New Middle Class: Honda CB500

2013 Honda CB500

After busting up Kawasaki’s US monopoly on sporting 250s with its own CBR250 model, Honda seems bent on conquering the 500 cc streetbike class – a niche that hasn’t seen many occupants since both Buell and Kawasaki cancelled their Blast! and Ninja 500 models, respectively.

The evidence? Check out these photos of the new Honda CB500 family, lifted from Hell for Leather, showing a trio of middleweight Hondas in sporty, adventure-tour, and “naked” roadbike flavors that seem ready to pick up any buyers who may not want a 600 cc repli-racer, but who want a little more “go” than the 250s from the competition can muster … and if a 500 cc sporty Honda with built-in practicality sounds like a familiar formula for 2-wheeled fun, then you’ve been paying attention. I just bought a CX500, Honda’s last entry into the class.

If these new Honda CB500s are anywhere near as good as that 30-year old V-twin, you should buy one. If they’re any better, you should buy me one!

Enjoy the photos, and head on over to Hell for Leather for a more thorough write-up.

Source | Photos: Hell for Leather.

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