Pro Tractor Pulling Goes Green With Biodiesel

I grew up in a farm town, and one of the biggest events of the year was the tractor pulling event at the annual town fair. But that was small time; pro tractor pulling involves huge machines making massive amounts of horsepower, and starting next year, they will do so running 100% biodiesel. Yeehaw!

The National Tractor Pullers Association has teamed up with the United Soybean Board to support and promote biodiesel. You can’t make this kind of stuff up. Starting next year, 100% biodiesel will be the fuel of choice for pro pullers, as the NTPA and USB seek to promote biodiesel use by America’s farmers. In previous years, biodiesel blends were allowed, but now a new method of detecting biodiesel concentrations ensures that nobody gets an unfair advantage, allowing for the use of 100% biodiesel.

The USB says that using 100% biodiesel can lead to a 4% increase in horsepower, and every pony counts when you’re towing ten tons of concrete and steel down a muddy field. Many large farm machines use turbodiesel engines, and while the fueling systems require some modification, it is well within the abilities of these pro pullers, many of whom modify their machines themselves. Sure, it’s a bit of an odd partnership, but one that cuts to the chase and shows farmers and doubters that you sacrifice nothing by going green.

I know many people with conservative views who love the idea of promoting domestic, sustainable fuels not out of concern for the environment, but because they hate supporting regimes like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. While there are very few new vehicles that can run biodiesel right from the pump, many DIY-types make and sell conversion kits. For those looking for a more earth-friendly tractor, there are now CNG and hydrogen-powered farm machines…but diesel is still the biggest seller by far.

This is a great idea, one that wouldn’t have even been possible ten years ago. Are America’s farmers ready to embrace biodiesel en masse though?

Source: Domestic Fuel

Christopher DeMorro

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