Old Plastics, Used Tires Recycled Into Oil?

Like it or not, our petroleum-based economy won’t just go quietly into the night. Yet so much of it just ends up in the dump, like discarded plastic bits and old tires, which is why a company is recycling this old plastic and tire refuse into a usable oil lubricant that meets current standards and can be priced competitively.

Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. announced that the oil lubricant made from recycled plastic and tires met the Brent Crude, or sweet light crude oil spot price. Basically, it is almost a cost-effective replacement for the sweet light crude much of the world relies on, coming in at just around $18 more a barrel than current light, sweet crude. That’s a major breakthrough.

This recycled oil also reportedly within the specifications for refinery-level crude, although whether this product will become autograde lubricant is still unknown. One can certainly hope so though.

Imagine all of the plastic products and used tires not decomposing in our nation’s landfills. Not imagine turning all of that toxic trash into usable, affordable motor oil. We’d be recycling oil long ago “lost”, and it could turn landfill mining into a profitable endeavor. Oil prices fluctuate daily, and it is not hard to imagine a world where recycling oil plastic into new oil is suddenly cheaper than drilling more wells.

Green EnviroTech’s next move is to apply for permits and start building a plant capable of large-scale production within the next few years. Who knows where oil prices will be by then? Recycled plastic oil might make even more sense down the road.

Source: Hybrid Cars

Christopher DeMorro

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