Local Motors And Dominos Pick The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle

While you probably haven’t heard of Local Motors, it is one of the most unique takes on the auto industry of the future. By crowdsourcing car designs, Local Motors has built up an incredible internet presence and fanbase, as well as strategic partnerships with larger companies. Dominos Pizza recently asked the Local Motors Forge to pen their version of the “ultimate delivery vehicle,” and the crowd of would-be designers delivered.

Over 200 entries were received for this Local Motors/Dominos contest, no doubt drawn by the grand prize of $10,000. That prize went to Alej Kostrevic of Slovakia, who called his design the “Dominos Pack.” Powered either by a Fiat two-cylinder or a Ford three-cylinder EcoBoost engine, the Pack has an insulated pizza box, as well as cooling chambers for drinks.

Kostrevic designed the Dominos Pack with the driver in mind, including door system that can be opened by swiping your foot under the rear end. This is similar to a Ford lands-free liftgate found on the new Escape SUV. Sure, it’s no Rally Fighter, but it is still pretty cool.

There are more phases to this contest before a finished product is settled on, and who knows? Dominos might actually build such a vehicle…or ask Local Motors to build it for them. There is the intent to at least build a working prototype.

As it is, Local Motors is forging alliances with companies like Dominos and even automakers like BMW, who perhaps see crowdsourcing as a way to design better cars. It’s one of the few chances average people have to influence the designs of a large company…and it could set the stage for a design revolution.

As for the Dominos Pack, well, I’d rather get my pizza delivered in that than the run-down Jetta my local pizza boy uses.

Source: Local Motors

Christopher DeMorro

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