Fisker Karma Gets SEMA Makeover, Movie Role

Fisker hasn’t had a great year, but the plug-in hybrid car company is chugging along and starting to build some serious cred as the green car of choice for the affluent. What started with a chrome Fisker Karma owned by Justin Bieber is snowballing into a display at the massive SEMA Show in Las Vegas, as well as a cameo role in the upcoming spy movie Paranoia.

Despite some serious reservations about its actual green car cred, Hollywood seems quite taken with the Karma. Leonardo Dicaprio bought the first one, and Cee Lo Green recently added a Fisker to his fleet. So it was only a matter of time before the Fisker Karma showed up in a major Hollywood production.

The Fisker Karma will show up in the Harrison Ford espionage thriller Paranoia, which is sure to make a few people say “Ooo, what’s that?” It’s a good way to build up a reputation with the masses ahead of the launch of the more-mainstream Fisker Atlantic in 2014 or 2015.

Fisker is also taking four modified versions of the Karma to the annual Speciality Equipment Manufacturers, or SEMA Show in Las Vegas next week. One is painted in Gloss Burnt Orange with Metallic Black accents, this Halloween-themed Karma rides on 22-inch wheels.

There are also three other Karmas painted various colors, but hey, it’s almost Halloween, and I love candy and costumes. While SEMA isn’t the place you come to see hybrids, they are definitely becoming more prevalent on the showroom floor. How soon before hybrids and EVs outnumber gas-powered vehicles at a show as car-centric as SEMA? I wager by the end of this decade, alternative-fuel and hybrid vehicles will certainly make their presence known.

Source: Motor Authority | Autoblog Green

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