Video: Brammo Empulse RR Ridden By Steve Atlas Takes TTXGP Championship

This weekend was the crown jewel of electric motorcycle racing events where EV daredevils from around the world came to compete. The TTXGP World Championship at the Daytona International Raceway was the epic competition it was billed as, and this year the Icon Brammo team, led by Steve Atlas, took home the checkered flag.

Brammo’s biggest competition was ze German outfit Munch Racing, who had won the previous two TTXGP Championship races. But Steve Atlas took his Brammo Empulse RR out into the lead from the get go, holding on to first place throughout the race. Atlas and the Empulse RR were featured in a recent Brammo commercial, and both came through in a big way, hitting speeds of up to 165 mph.

His teammate Eric Bostrom was in second until his Brammo Empulse briefly broke down, and Bostrom eventually settled for third place. Munch Racing’s Matthias Himmelmann managed to take up second place.

Also showing up to compete was the CataVolt electric motorcycle ridden by Jason Morris and a Zero S ridden by Jeremiah Johnson, rounding out a diverse and electrifying field that is helping to spread the word about the excitement of electric motorcycle racing. This is definitely a sport to keep your eyes on, and big congrats to Brammo on their championship run!

Source: Autoblog Green

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