Tesla Roadster Owners Can Trade-In For Model S

Trading in an old car towards a newer one is a popular way to offset some of the new car’s costs…but most niche manufacturers don’t offer their well-off clientele that option. But Tesla Motors will be offering any owners of its Roadster model a chance to trade that car in for a more-versatile Model S sedan.

The Tesla Roadster is without a doubt a cool car, and Tesla managed to sell around 2,500 Roadsters between 2008 and 2011. Not bad for a $109,000 electric sports car, eh? Alas, since it has no trunk, just two seats, or even power steering, the Tesla Roadster isn’t what you’d call versatile.

I imagine Tesla had fielded more than a few questions from Roadster owners looking to upgrade to the Model S sedan. The Tesla Model S can hold as many as seven passengers, has a longer range (if you opt for the 85 kWh battery pack), and will be able to use the new Supercharger network. All good reasons to upgrade.

That is why Tesla will take trade-ins on its Roadster model towards the Model S, while reselling the old Roadster models at its store. Pricing on the used Roadster models will vary, selling for as little as $73,000 for a four-year old model with high mileage.

A newer Roadster model with lower mileage will likely still cost over $90,000. That’s some pretty good resale value, though it isn’t mentioned how much Tesla will offer customers for their old Roadster models. It will probably vary on a case-by-case basis, but it will allow Tesla to offer cheaper Roadster sales, as well as get new buyers behind the wheel of the company’s flagship Model S.

With prices for the Model S ranging from $57,500 to over $100,000, it is even possible that Tesla would write Roadster owners a check…if they opted for the bare-bones Model S. But why would they do that?

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle


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