Ford C-Max Energi Gets 21-Mile EV Range

The Ford C-Max Energi has been hyped by the Blue Oval as both cheaper and more efficient than the competition. Ford now has another metric it can use in its ad war, as the EPA has given the Ford C-Max Energi a 21-mile all-electric range, and a total driving range of around 620 miles.

With a regular fuel economy rating of 47 mpg in both the city and on the highway, and a combined 100 MPGe rating, the Ford C-Max Energi has the best fuel economy of any hybrid save the Toyota Prius and Prius C. While the 21 mile all-electric range of the C-Max Energi is less than the 35 miles of the Chevy Volt, it is almost twice the 11 miles of the Toyota Prius Plug-in.

The official EPA rating also gives the C-Max Energi a total estimated driving range of 620 miles, which is about 70 miles more than the family-friendly Toyota Prius V. By just about every metric, the Ford C-Max Energi is the more efficient vehicle. But will it resonate with customers?

The Toyota Prius is THE car in the hybrid car segment to beat, and Ford is clearly gunning for it. While the C-Max certainly has a lot of positive numbers, the Prius name is undoubtedly a boon for Toyota, and the regular Prius still has the best fuel economy numbers on the market. Ford is certainly making the hybrid race interesting, that much is for sure.

Source: Ford

Christopher DeMorro

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