Aerovironment Develops Portable Level 2 EV Charger

While there are more EV charging stations in America than there are EVs to plug them into, the stationary nature of charging stations limits their usability. But Aerovironment has come up with a clever, if somewhat inelegant solution; a portable Level 2 charging station that can plug into any 240 volt outlet.

This means you don’t have to hardwire the charging station into your house, and you can even share an outlet with your current dryer setup. The charging station sits on a bracket mounted to the garage wall. It also allows you to take your Level 2 charger with you on the road!

Sure, it looks kind of big and bulky, and that probably isn’t what this charging station is intended for. But if I drove an EV, this would absolutely be my first choice. It would also allow you to take the charging station with you when you moved, or went on an extended vacation.

At just $1,099, it is also a good deal cheaper than many permanent charging stations. It weighs just 19 pounds with the 25-foot cord, which gives it a good bit of versatility and length as well.

AeroVironment is a big name in the charging game, installing EV charging stations on the West Coast Green Highway along I-5. But this portable charger can be a real game changer, especially if they can make it even smaller and more portable with future versions. It would take a lot of anxiety out of range anxiety, don’t you think?

Source: Torque News

Christopher DeMorro

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