High School Student Building An Electric Honda S2000 In Parents’ Garage

Most high school kids these days seem more interested with cellphones than supercars, but there are still those who like to get down and dirty under the hood of a car. Juan Ehringer is taking a Honda S2000 sports car, ditching the four-cylinder engine and replacing it with a powerful electric drivetrain that will give it between 500 and 600 horsepower. That’s quite the project car.

Jalopnik interviewed Juan, and the whole thing is well worth reading. As you may have guessed, Juan isn’t your typical teenager; the kid has a small CNC business setup in his bedroom, and just reading the part of the interview where he explains how he came to the power estimates kind of made my head hurt. It is safe to say that the kid knows his stuff.

Juan picked the Honda S2000 up for just $6,000 after explaining to the former owner what he planned. He convinced his parents to support this project car rather than buying him a commuter car, though Juan has had to save money from a couple of part-time gigs to scrape together enough money to make the project feasible.

Under the hood will be a 26 kWh battery pack, which Juan estimates will give him between 80 and 120 miles of driving range, and around 600 horsepower to play with. I know in high school my mom made it clear that I would not be driving any car with that kind of horsepower (or even half that), so Juan must be really good at convincing his parents to see things his way.

In the interview Juan gets into the details, so if you want to feel like your teenage years were a complete waste of time, make sure you read Jalopnik’s exchange with this automotive Doogie Howser or follow his project progress on the S2KI.com forums.

Source: Jalopnik | S2K1.com

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