Electric Bikes Get Stylish Makeover Thanks To Voltage Cycles

Are electric bicycles cool? Depends on who ask, and what they’re riding. Me personally? I need a bike with flair, style, and presence. Voltage Cycles is adding all that and more to its line of electric bikes, which makes going green look super cool.

These Voltage Cycles won’t come cheap, with some fully-optioned models breaking well into the $4,400 range. But it is hard to deny how cool these cycles look, thanks to an integrated hub motor and retro looks that make it hip to be square…or something.

With a maximum e-assist range of 34 miles, the 48-volt battery is said to be good for at least 1,500 recharges. It will certainly help getting up hills, though there is no mention of top speed. That said, you don’t need to go fast to look awesome on a bike like this. Lesser models will cost as little as $1,000, which is much more palpable in these tough economic times.

Electric bikes are definitely getting cooler and more popular, and I’d be down to ride one of these e-bikes around town. How about you?

Source: Voltage Cycles via Autoblog Green

Christopher DeMorro

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