Video: Toyota TMG EV P002 Shaves 25 Seconds Off Nurburgring EV Record

The world of electric racing is revving up, and teams from around the globe are aiming to take their place among the champions of zero-emissions motorsports. Toyota has quickly assumed its place at the pinnacle of EV racing with the TMG EV P002, setting a lap record for electric cars at the famed Nurburgring.

Then this week they returned, and broke their own record by more than 25 seconds.

While shaving off 25 seconds on a lap of the 12.9 mile course may not seem like a big deal, believe me, it is. This places the Toyota TMG EV P002 clearly in supercar territory in terms of time, bringing the 7 minutes and 47 second lap time down to 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

That is about as fast around the Nurburgring as a Corvette Z06 or a Dodge Viper ACR. It is also about the same time as the EcoBoost-powered Formula Ford racer that recently ran the ‘Ring on its own, and well ahead of the Audi e-tron, which set the EV lap record for production cars.

The Nurburgring is used by automakers the world over to “dial in” their cars, and Toyota is definitely making huge performance improvements to the TMG EV P002. The engineers tuned the EV racer to deliver more power, more consistently mostly by managing temperature and battery level.

Also worth noting is that Toyota’s in-house European tuning arm, TMG, has developed its own mobile-quicker charger. The TMG EV 002 can plug into a 42 kWh battery on board a van in quickly recharge, offering mobile charging solutions for the track.

Toyota is clearly interested in shaping the world of electric motorsports, and they’ve definitely taken “charge” in the crucial early years. Get it?

Source: LeftLane News

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