Video: A Sustainable Island Yacht For Escaping The End Of Days

Are you very wealthy yet still very paranoid? Do you think the end times are nigh, and that the huddled masses of the poor and downtrodden will soon rise up in angry vengeance against your merciless addiction to profits over people?

If so, then the sustainable floating Island-e-Motion is the place for you!

I’ve covered supposedly carbon-neutral yachts before, but this next one really takes the cake. More an island than a boat, the Island-e-Motion relies on solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cells powering turbines that can move this luxury getaway at speeds of up to 10 knots. Sure, it’s no flying hybrid superyacht, but the Island-e-motion is more about watching the world burn from the comfort of your own movable island.

With plenty of living space, as well as real plants integrated into the deck, the Island-e-Motion is the place you want to be when the world goes to shit. It will never run out of power, and it will never run out of ways to entertain you. For example, the indoor pool can be turned into a dance floor, and a helipad offers a way to view the rapidly-deteriorating world from high above.

While not explicitly mentioned, I assume there is an onboard garage as well. You know, for those times when you just HAVE to go on shore and confront the Max Max-esque world left in the wake of brutal globalization that propelled you to success. You might have some company on the high seas too, as there are other sustainable floating island fortresses in the works.

Ok, so maybe I am going overboard with the end-of-the-world analogies. More likely, this floating island will serve as an entertainment or shopping venue on-the-move, appearing in all sorts of wealthy hotspots like Monte Carlo or Dubai.

It certainly is a neat idea, alas, one that will probably never move beyond the concept phase. But if I were a billionaire, I’d want to keep one of these handy.

You know…just in case.

Source: Island-e-motion

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