Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Will Start At $25,000, BEFORE Tax Credits

Smart has big plans to increase car sales in the U.S., and it begins with offering the cheapest electric car on the market, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, which will start at $25,000 before the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. That means you could get behind the wheel of an EV for less than $18,000!

That doesn’t take into the destination fees, but it does mean that the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive would be the cheapest EV on the market by a wide margin. Add in the $825 destination charge and $2,200 for a Level 2 home charger, and the Smart ForTwo ED still comes in at $1,100 cheaper than the next-cheapest EV, the Mitsubishi i. With all those numbers factored in, the Smart ForTwo ED will cost just $20,525.

That is actually ridiculously impressive, and I’m not sure how Smart plans to pull it off while making money. The 16.5 kWh battery offers about 80 miles of driving range, comparable to most of the competition, but at a much lower price. It is quite frankly tempting, and at this pricing the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is just a few grand more than the standard Smart ForTwo. No word yet on the Smart electric scooter, but turns out they may not need it.

It will be much easier to convince customers to jump into an electric car at that price point, even more so because Smart is defined as a city car brand. Anyone walking into a Smart showroom isn’t looking for a long-distance driver, though few people have entered Smart dealerships since its 2008 debut.

What do you think readers? Is this the price point EVs need to hit in order to be competitive? Can Smart shake up the electric car market? Is their plan to sell cheap EVs viable? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Smart

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