Tesla Developing Sport-Tuned Suspension For Model S

By most measures, the Tesla Model S is the best electric car you can buy today, and the fastest too. The fastest version of the Tesla Model S will take you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. But Tesla thinks they can make it faster, and better handling, which is why they are developing a new performance-oriented model with a nimbler suspension to improve the agility.

The suspension setup will be offered as an option on the Performance model of the Tesla Model S, which is only available on the $97,900 top-end model with the 85 kWh battery. The new package includes bigger 21-inch wheels with wider tires. New bushings and rear end links for the suspension will also help firm up the ride, making for a more driver-oriented ride.

The new suspension isn’t guaranteed to go into production, though development was prompted by a comparison to the new McLaren MP4-12C supercar (which Musk may be planning a direct competitor for). It doesn’t seem like Elon Musk wants his car company to be second to anyone in any regard. You gotta respect an attitude like that, the the suspension modifications aren’t all that expensive to develop either, though the impact on handling could be huge.

Me? Well, I’ll have to wait for the supposed BMW 3-Series fighter Tesla Motors is building. Hopefully these suspension developments will filter down to the lower-end models as well.

Source: Wired


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