Nemesis Electric Lotus Sets New U.K. Land Speed Record

Speed enthusiasts are embracing electric vehicles with much gusto, and plenty of teams and individuals are out to set their own records with EVs. Over in the United Kingdom, green energy company Ecotricity has used a modified Lotus Exige with an electric drivetrain to set a new U.K electric land speed record.

Named “Nemesis,”, the electrified Lotus Exige managed to set an average speed of 148.7 mph. That is 10 mph faster than the previous U.K. EV land speed record set by Bluebird Electric and the grandson of the legendary Sir Malcolm Campbell. The Bluebird team attempted to break their own record last year, but failed when the racer hit a pothole on a Wales beach and crashed.

Nemesis had more luck with their run at Elvin Airfield, hitting a top speed of 151 mph and coming out with an average of 148.7 mph. That is a far cry from the more than 300 mph world land speed record set by the Buckeye Bullet in 2010.

However, it is fast enough to set a new electric land speed record for the U.K., though conditions limited the potential top speed, said to be close to 200 mph. Though not quite based on the same car as the Tesla Roadster (which used Lotus Elise, not Exige bodies), one can’t help but note the similarities.

Hopefully Nemesis will be back to beat its own record, and soon, as I don’t doubt there are others out there gunning for electric racing records of their own.

Source: The Guardian

Christopher DeMorro

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