Mazda6 Diesel Could Offer 60 MPG, If They Sell It In US

When I first laid eyes on the Mazda6 wagon diesel, me (and most of the auto blogging world) were smitten with the looks, the options, and the infinite possibilities. Now that the Mazda6 diesel has made its official Paris Auto Show debut, we are getting some new details, including fuel economy figures that could be as high as 60 mpg on the U.S. standard.

As I said before, the Mazda6 diesel, and especially the wagon version, offers pretty much anything anyone could ever need in a vehicle. Car makers can just stop designing cars, because Mazda has achieved automotive perfection. The 60 mpg (on the sedan model) is just icing on the cake-of-a-car that offers a manual transmission, sport-tuned suspension, and a SkyActiv-D 2.2 liter turbodiesel engine with racing credentials.

But there is more than just a kickass diesel engine at work here. Mazda is also offering two fuel-saving feature in conjunction with the diesel engine. i-ELOOP uses a supercapacitor uses recovered deceleration energy to power the car’s electrical systems. Mazda engineers have turned 10 seconds of stopping into about a minute of energy for the supercapacitor. The implications of this technology are huge.

Then there is i-stop, an idle start/stop system, which combined with i-ELOOP drastically improves city driving economy. I know Mazda has been having a tough time with sales here in America, but this diesel wagon could appeal to a lot of customers who need a versatile-yet-fuel efficient vehicle. Alas, Europe gets first dibs, though diesel cars are slowly gaining popularity here in the States.

Have faith, brothers and sisters, that the automotive gods will deliver unto us a stylish diesel wagon of epic fuel economy and driving pleasure!

Source: Green Car Congress

Christopher DeMorro

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